City of Cynthiana

Code Red


Harrison County Sheriff's Office:

Sheriff's duties fall into four major categories: tax collection, election duties, services to the court, and law enforcement. More specifically, here are the things that the sheriff's office does on a day-to-day basis:
  1. Collects taxes.
  2. Serves court papers:
    • warrants,
    • criminal summonses,
    • civil papers (suits, subpoenas, small claims, eviction notices),
    • domestic violence summonses and orders.
  3. Patrols the highways in the county:
    • works accidents,
    • issues notices and traffic citations,
    • provides motorist assistance.
  4. Opens and investigates burglary, theft and other criminal cases.
  5. Performs vehicle inspections on out-of-state vehicles for licensing purposes.
  6. Transports prisoners in and out of state.
  7. Provides security (bailiffs) for the two District Court, the Circuit Court judges and for all Domestic Relations Court proceedings.
  8. Teaches drug prevention/education classes (D.A.R.E.) in the county schools.
  9. Provides law enforcement services in coordination with the county clerk on Election Day.
  10. Eviction Notices.

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