Maintenance - Public Works Department

Phone: 234-7150

The Cynthiana Maintenance - Public Works Department performs numerous tasks to maintain service to our citizens with very little interruption.

These jobs include:
- Repair and maintain city streets
- Repair and maintain water distribution system
- Repair and maintain sanitary sewer system
- Clean and maintain storm drains
- Mow City property
- Make new water and sewer tap connections
- Perform leaf vacuum service in the fall
- Collect and chip brush and limbs twice a year
- Snow removal on city streets
- Install and maintain street signs

The Public Works Department works closely with all other City departments in all weather and conditions. They may be reached through City Hall at 234-7150.

To report a problem such as a water line break, storm drain backing up, street sign down, and so forth, call 234-7150. After normal business hours, call 234-7100.