Wastewater Department

Department Supervisor - Brad Wright

Phone: 859-234-7156

It is the responsibility of the Wastewater Department to properly treat domestic waste, commercial waste, and industrial waste in order to make our waterways safe and healthy.

The City of Cynthiana has worked tirelessly for several years to comply with all the regulations required to acquire a new wastewater treatment plant. The process included choice of sites, purchase of land, approval of plans from the EPA, financing, bid process, awarding of bids, and finally, construction by local contractor, Judy Construction Co.

On August 15, 2007, the new facility went on-line. The new facility is an oxidation ditch type of treatment using UV Ultraviolet disinfection instead of chlorine. In addition to the treatment plant, the new construction houses offices and a laboratory. A new lift station has been installed on River Road and North Locust Street.

The plant is located at 200 Ky. Hwy 36 West. The Commonwealth of Kentucky Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Water, governs all functions of the wastewater treatment. Kenneth McCarter and staff monitor an Industrial Pretreatment Program and set forth criteria for septic waste haulers to meet. The staff also maintains 22 lift stations and the City’s sewer infrastructure.